• Refunds are Always the User's Choice when the Minimum withdrawal Limit is reached (Rs10000 or Equal to $ Value). No Products Sale by platform or by users in Our Platform. The Platform provides a Few Wallet-based advertisement campaigns and Premium user subscription services.
  • User gains Income from the site based on activity on the TikTikTalk website and mobile app, the same amount is automatically credited to the user's wallet.
    Our Platform Supports wallet Based Services, Recharge Your Wallet, and Use the Services as Per Your Need.
  • Every user Get Affiliate Income and it is credited into the user's wallet automatically when the user amount reaches the Minimum withdrawal Limit. The system allows withdrawing the wallet balance to his requested bank account on request from his profile.
  • Allow the user to withdraw his money after reaching the Minimum withdrawal Limit.
  • Minimum Balance Criteria As Per Platform Norms Rs 10000 or Equal to $ Value.
  • If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us through by clicking contacts page.