For professional bettors, the in-play betting strategy has become a powerful tool that helps them earn substantial profits from bookmakers. If you are seeking a method to boost your confidence in betting and increase your winnings, let's delve into the detailed guide below.
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What is the In-Play Betting Strategy?
The in-play betting strategy is the most commonly used tactic in soccer betting. As the name suggests, with this strategy, you 'bet' on the remaining part of the match.
In this case, you place bets when the match is nearing its final minutes, close to the 90th minute of the official game time. At this stage, the payout odds will be relatively low, but your chances of winning are higher as the result seems to be determined.
However, there are occasional rare instances where players with great speed are substituted, or own goals occur. Nonetheless, these occurrences are infrequent, so there's no need to worry.
Effective In-Play Betting Methods
To accurately execute the in-play betting strategy and maximize your profits, consider the following soccer betting tactics that our experts have analyzed and compiled:
Martingale Betting Method:
This method is considered a powerful strategy in any sports betting. With this approach, if you lose a bet due to a player's substitution, you double the stake for the next match. You are unlikely to lose two consecutive bets using the in-play betting method. If you happen to lose two consecutive bets, you can double the stake of the third match from the previous one. The Martingale betting method ensures that you can recover the amount you've invested in just one win, so there's no need to worry. The key is to effectively manage your capital and apply the Martingale betting method during in-play betting.
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Equal Stake, Equal Match:
This method allows you to have enough funds to bet on multiple matches. For example, if your betting fund is 100%, you can allocate 25% of the betting amount for each match, resulting in 4 bets, or 10% for each match, which means 10 bets.
With this method, you won't incur significant losses, but you also won't win a substantial amount. Therefore, we advise you to bet small amounts on matches where you are not confident about the outcome, like using 5% of the betting amount to test your luck. However, for matches where you have analyzed carefully and have a strong belief in winning, go all in with 30% or even 50% of your betting capital.
Analytical In-Play Betting:
To effectively execute in-play betting, you must regularly update sports news and betting techniques. This way, you can analyze the line-ups of the two previous matches and compare the developments with your pre-match analysis. Only if the developments deviate significantly from your pre-match analysis, you should refrain from using the in-play betting strategy.
Another important point is that in-play betting is a real-time betting, so you must be quick in making decisions, especially when you are confident that you will win the bet.
Conclusion on the In-Play Betting Strategy
If you are a long-term and sustainable soccer bettor who values the safety of your funds, the in-play betting strategy is a highly effective and suitable method for you.
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By combining this strategy with other betting tactics shared by Wintips' experts, you can significantly increase your chances of winning. Apply the advice from this article and start participating in soccer betting today.