In the world of sports betting, understanding and applying the right tactics for each type of bet is the key to improving one's winning odds. "Asian handicap 3-way betting" is one of the most popular and exciting methods, especially when it comes to football - a beloved sport worldwide. But what exactly is 3-way handicap betting? Join Wintips in this article and explore the appeal behind this betting format.
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What is 3-way handicap betting?
3-way handicap, also known as "3-way handicap betting," is a unique format created by bookmakers combining Asian handicap and 1X2 (home win, draw, away win) betting. When participating, players have three options:
- Home team wins
- Draw
- Away team wins
The main difference between 3-way handicap and Asian handicap lies in the calculation of the odds. While Asian handicap offers detailed odds such as -1/4, -1/2, -1, 3-way handicap focuses on round odds, for example, -1, -2, -3. You can encounter two main versions of this bet: 1st half handicap and full match handicap. The result of the bet depends on the score after 45 minutes (for the 1st half) or after 90 minutes (for the full match).
Advantages of 3-way handicap betting
3-way handicap betting not only brings excitement to players but also opens up opportunities to enjoy attractive odds. For example, if you place your handicap bet wisely, you may enjoy odds as high as 4.00 or even 5.00.
However, if you are aiming for less risky odds, you may have to place multiple bets, around 3 or 4 times, to achieve the desired profit level.
In particular, it is important to remember that many top football teams in the world such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, and Juventus often deliver impressive performances when playing away matches. With a handicap like -1, these giants often have no difficulty scoring multiple goals and surpassing the set handicap.
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Tips for winning in 3-way handicap betting
According to football experts' opinions, here are some strategies to increase your winning chances when placing 3-way handicap bets:
1. Choose suitable matches: To maximize your winning opportunities, focus on matches with a significant gap between strong and weak teams. In this case, the strong team is likely to win by a large margin, allowing you to benefit from 3-way handicap betting.
2. Combine with other bet types: To increase your chances of winning, you can consider combining with other bet types such as dominant team wins, first goal scorer, last goal scorer, and many others. These bets usually involve the superiority of the strong team throughout the match.
3. Analyze the odds: To make the best betting decision, study and analyze the odds provided by the bookmakers. Compare whether 3-way handicap betting offers more advantages than regular Asian handicap.
4. Minimize risks: In some matches, you can consider betting on the overdog or underdog with specific odds, helping to minimize the risk of losing money.
5. Be cautious: Betting requires caution and strategy. Before placing your bets, determine multiple backup plans, especially when the match does not go as expected.
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"3-way handicap betting" is not only a popular betting method but also an art that requires deep knowledge and precise analysis. For those who want to challenge themselves and immerse in the thrilling moments, ups and downs, this is the playground for you. Join, experience, and discover the excitement of "3-way handicap betting" - where passion meets intelligence and determination!